Broome County Announces New Skills Training Program for Unemployed

New Program to Train Unemployed Workers in Broome County
(BINGHAMTON, NY) A partnership of the Broome County Executive’s office, Broome-Tioga Workforce NY, New York Wired for Education, and various community partners are proud to announce a unique, region-specific program to help the unemployed citizens of Broome County gain the skills they need to find jobs in high-demand industries.
“At Broome-Tioga Workforce, we consistently hear the same feedback from employers,” said Sara Liu, Executive Director, “that there are job openings in many fields, but that there are significant skills gaps that need to be addressed to fill those openings and retain workers for the long-term.” 
According to the Department of Labor, there are 5,800 unemployed citizens in Broome County, and 2,800 job openings.
Jason Garnar, County Executive, has continually noted his offices’ efforts to keep jobs local, noting, “Feedback about skills gaps is something we can work on, as a county. Broome County cares about its employers, and about its growing workforce.” 
The program, called SkillUp!, tailors the existing online trainings provided through BroomeTioga Workforce NY and categorizes them into locally recognized credentials in high-demand fields. Together, with partner agencies, these trainings will help equip local workers with skills they need to thrive in the local job market.
At least 400 local citizens will be offered comprehensive, free training to help boost their skills to become job ready through New York Wired for Education’s online learning system, Metrix Learning. 
Citizens will be referred from partner agencies, covering a very diverse population in NYS, as well as through the Broome-Tioga Workforce NY Career Center. Many of these trainings are industry-specific, and qualified candidates will receive access to higher-level certification tests including Microsoft Office Specialist, Adobe, QuickBooks, SixSigma, and Project Management. 
The program will be offered free of cost to all participants.
Those interested in becoming a partner agency, or who would like to register for SkillUp! can contact the Broome-Tioga Workforce NY Career Center at (607) 778-2136 or can email Laurel O’Connor, Executive Assistant, at

01/17/2018 - 1:01pm